The Multicultural Center (MCC) is the multicultural body and racial/ethnic advocacy voice for the Santa Clara University community.

Our Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Multicultural Center to provide the minority student organizations [1] of Santa Clara University with an environment conducive to the unique expression and appreciation of the different cultures of people of color [2].

  1. The Center serves as a clearinghouse for information about different cultures and promotes the exchange of perspectives among individuals from different backgrounds.  The Center provides materials and facilities for anyone interested in learning about the many cultures represented at Santa Clara University.
  2. The Center serves to educate and enlighten the entire University community, as well as us, regarding the reality of our world.  The Center opens people’s eyes and minds to the rich cultural backgrounds represented at Santa Clara, in California, and in the United States.  It works to dispel the cultural and ethnic stereotypes and to combat the prevalence of racism on the Santa Clara campus.
  3. The Center serves to attract more minority students to Santa Clara University; to increase their retention rate, and to make the University more attractive overall for all University students, faculty and staff.  It also works to increase the number of minority students in higher education in general.
  4. The Center provides a comfortable setting for minority students.  The Center is a place where minority students may come and meet with students of similar as well as other backgrounds.
  5. The Center provides adequate and permanent office space for the resident minority student organizations[3] under one roof.  They provide private meeting spaces for each organization, allowing us to meet simultaneously. This space helps us organize our activities, work on projects, and hold meetings at our convenience, avoiding any conflict with other student clubs.
  6. The Center presents an outlet for co-curricular activities and experiential learning opportunities for students that promote a greater appreciation of different cultural traditions.
  7. The Center assists all students in overcoming stereotypes projected onto individuals from cultural heritage different from their own. [4]

[1] For the purpose of this document, the term “minority student organizations” shall be understood as student organization whose mission includes the expression of the perspective of people of color.  The inclusion of this term is intended to preserve the historical integrity and sincerity of the original Mission Statement framed in winter of 1985

[2] For the purpose of this document, “people of color” refers to racial/ethnic minority groups define as ethnic communities which: (1) live in the United States (2) have deep roots or are developing roots in the culture of the United States, (3) have been historically and politically underrepresented, (4) have experienced and continue to experience institutionalized discrimination, and (5) have been and continue to be economically underserved. The above definition for “people of color” was taken from the guidelines established by the President’s Advisory Committee on “Excellence Through Diversity” (1989-1990)

[3] The “resident minority organizations” refer to founding organization of the Multicultural Center.  Residency is not limited to these organizations.

[4] The original Purpose and Intent, taken from the UNITY proposal (1985), remains intact in order to preserve the historical vision of the Center’s founders.  This section should be seen in light of the Rationale of the Multicultural Center.


The MCC supports 9 cultural student organizations:

(To learn more about the clubs, visit our Clubs page and also click on each of the club names!)


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