MCC Week!


MCC Week is all about spreading awareness for the Multicultural Center! Each day, the MCC will host a different event to promote culture and identity. Join in the fun!

MCC Week is Week 6, from October 28 to November 1!

MONDAY: Heritage Wall!
Where: In front of Shapell
Time: 10AM – 5PM
What is it? 
Share your heritage with us by adding your story to our heritage puzzle! Answer questions like: What is your heritage? Where does your family come from?
What traditions and values have been passed down through your family? What traditions and values do you want to pass down to the next generation?

TUESDAY: Spoken Word Night!
Where: The Bronco 
Time: 6PM – 8PM
What is it?
Join us for a cultured poetry night! Share your identity by reciting an original piece or a borrowed favorite! If you would like to participate, please contact Amy Thomas at

Or sign up below:

WEDNESDAY: Voter Registration Drive
Where: In front of Shapell
Time: 10AM – 4PM
What is it?
Get involved in politics by registering to vote!

THURSDAY: Ro Khanna Speaks
Where: Benson Parlor C
Time: 6PM
What is it?
Ro Khanna, local political candidate, shares his story of identity and how that shaped his campaign.

FRIDAY: Food Festival!
Where: In front of Shapell
Time: 11AM – 1PM
What is it?
FREE FOOD SAMPLES! The nine cultural clubs will share a sample of their culture’s cuisine!

What is the MCC?
The MCC is the Multicultural Center at SCU! It is a place of gathering for those of diverse backgrounds. There are nine cultural clubs that meet in Shapell Lounge (right across from the bookstore) throughout the week! But guess what?? The MCC is open to everyone at SCU, whether you’re from a mixed background or not! It’s never too late to join a club!

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Funny stories you’d like to share? Leave a comment below or contact Marissa Martinez at

We can’t wait to see you next week!


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